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Where there is motion you will find a bearing. All around our homes and gardens are appliances in motion, each requiring a specific bearing solution to function optimally. While often these solutions will be standard products, they must also function reliably, endure high levels of wear, withstand corrosive environments and be relatively maintenance free, all within an attractive pricing range. BTC offer a range of standard bearings that fit these requirements and are suitable for most consumer products, including robotic and ride on lawn mowers, white goods and home power tools.

BTC bearing solutions offer:

  • Low running friction and wear for smooth running and optimised performance of the application.
  • A range of special materials and components where required, including corrosion-resistant steels and sealing option to combat contaminant ingress.
  • Minimal maintenance and long service life.
  • Highly accurate running and suitability to high temperature/high speed applications.

Bearing designs can be fully customised to fit the application and our customer's requirements.

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